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If you're feeling left behind by advances in A.I. technology or overwhelmed in the wake of societal change 

AI image generated by Eric Kerr using Midjourney. A silhouetted figure stand on a road in a surreal cosmic landscape.

I invite you to join me at the intersection of creativity, technology, and personal transformation. 

I'm a Creative Consultant

Freelance Writer, Digital Creator, and Workplace Design Strategist with ADHD living in Los Angeles.​

I help creatives get unstuck, and non-technical people navigate A.I. technology.


As a Co-Navigator and coach, I offer a holistic and future-forward perspective to working through challenges, and I provide actionable insights to address complex problems . ​


From Stage to Strategy

I'm the theatre kid who became an acupuncturist and then jumped to tech. I've spent the past decade improving the workplace experience as a workplace design strategist, advocating for inclusive physical design, addressing operational efficiencies, and supporting a holistic employee experience. 

Check out some samples of my writing and visual work below!

If you have a project that could benefit from my strategic insights, want to collaborate on digital art, or wish to commission a unique piece, send me a message!

Eric Kerr AI Generated Headshot

Welcome! I'm Eric.

A Human in the Loop began as a real-time journal of my experience using A.I. technology to create, comprehend, and communicate effectively.​


What was a professional exploration of A.I. technology has become intertwined with my personal journey, offering me unique insights into both.​​​​

Through my writing, I share how A.I. impacts various aspects of life, from career development to personal relationships.

My visual work explores broad themes, integrating a wide range of human emotions, bizarre characters, surreal locales, and a little Disco. 

Together, we will identify actionable insights to help you navigate the world, spark creativity, and strengthen your curiosity. ​


Consider this thoughtful company as we navigate uncertainty and infinite possibilities together.​

A Side Note

I'm not here to give you answers.​

While I've gained a wealth of experiences and collected knowledge, I don't have it all figured out.


I don't imagine I ever will.


But like a scout further ahead on the trail, I can share what I know, so you can feel more equipped to manage whatever life throws.


And at the very least, if you don't gain any new info, perhaps in sharing my experience, you will feel a little less alone in yours. ​​​


What is a human-in-the-loop?

In the field of machine learning, a human-in-the-loop refers to our role in providing input, guidance, judgment, feedback, critical intervention, and ongoing corrections to train and improve automated systems.

With the increase in consumer access to A.I. systems, the role of a human-in-the-loop no longer applies only to academics and researchers in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In a sense, we're all humans in the loop now.


You don't need a degree in machine learning, but everyone should have a basic understanding of what A.I. systems are available and what they're capable of.

We've sat in the backseat long enough. It's time for everyone to be informed consumers of technology and active drivers of tech innovation.

Eric's Next-Level Interpretation

In addition to its traditional meaning, the concept of a human in the loop resonates with me on another level.


I've begun to use the term to describe the emotional and psychological cycles that we often find ourselves in.


These loops—whether in jobs, relationships, or habits—can subtly shape our lives. Getting out of them can be challenging.


It's definitely a topic that invites curiosity and deeper understanding.




GenAI Gallery HOME

GenAI Gallery

Retro. Disco. Butoh.

All work by Eric Kerr using Midjourney v5.2 and 6

Pulling from my theatre background, my study of Butoh dance, digital photos I've taken over the years, and my obsession with disco, my visual work explores broad themes, evoking a wide range of human emotions.


From the sweet to the surreal, each series takes you to an alternate world where nothing's real, digital twins are as common as a disco helmet, grieving can happen on the dancefloor, and beauty can be found in the breakdown. 

Motion videos coming soon!
Check out more of my work on Instagram!

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