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If you're feeling lost in the wake of technological advancements and societal change...

AI image by Eric Kerr, A Human in the Loop. Image: individual in metalic jumpsuit and helmet standing in a long corrodor with peers walking away in the background.

I invite you to join me at the intersection of creativity, technology, and personal transformation.

Hi, I'm Eric.
I'm a Creative Consultant,
Freelance Writer, 
GenerativeAI Artist, 
Holistic Workplace Strategist, 
Educator and Public Speaker
Living in Los Angeles.
Eric Kerr AI Generated Headshot.png

With over twenty years of professional experience, from theatre, integrative medicine, real estate and workplace experience, and design strategy, I want to share my wealth of knowledge with you. Sign up for the newsletter and discover more offerings below.


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A Human in the Loop is a digital publication and creative brand that leverages AI to explore the human experience. 


This project represents the ongoing integration of over forty years of personal and professional experiences.


Join me as we navigate uncertainty, ignite creativity, and integrate actionable insights.


Thoughtful company and co-navigator amid change and swirling possibilities.  


A Human in the Loop, Defined

The involvement of human intelligence, judgment, and/or feedback at various stages of an automated system or artificial intelligence process.

Cyclical patterns of behavior or thinking (aka loops) that trap us with or without our control or awareness. Examples: jobs, relationships, addictions, habits, and other behaviors.

A digital publication and creative brand that leverages A.I. technology to explore and examine the human experience–how we live, work, learn, create, and connect.

Eric's Next-Level Definitions

Exploringthe limitsof myimaginationusing A.I.

A.I. Artwork

All work by Eric Kerr
Style: Futurism. Retro, Disco, Butoh
Made using Midjourney v5.2 and 6

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